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Dj Andy Richardson is a professional Wedding DJ and Party Host. He’s been providing mobile discos across Lancashire, Cumbria, and Cheshire. Also recognised and recommended by many of the North West’s leading venues. Renowned for his eye for detail, decades of experience, and expertise in providing the best in wedding entertainment.
DJ Andy Richardson Disco

Andy Richardson DJ

Quality Entertainment

That You Can Rely On 

Whatever event your planning.

Choosing the wrong DJ could ruin all your hard work.

So how do you go about choosing the right DJ?

Firstly, Find Out Who Your Actually Booking? 

It will be the DJ you booked won't it?

Well not always.

Sometimes you book a specific named DJ, later to find you actually booked via an agency.

Or without your knowledge, your booking gets passed someone else.

So ask the question? 

I can confidently say, that If you book with me.

Then it will definitely be me on the day, and never anyone under my name.

If i'm already booked, I may recommend a fellow DJ who works to the same standard as myself.

But, I will never just substitute myself.

That's also one of the reasons why I've always performed under my own name, and not a snazzy alias.

 Next, you want a DJ with Experience

 I have decades of expertise in all kinds of events.

An extensive knowledge of music.

It's not just about playing the right music, ensuring it's played at the right time too. 

I'm also interactive too, adding a big element of fun to your party.

Making sure everyone feels connected. 

Also, You'll Want Quality Too

It's easy these days to use flashy brochures to make any service look good. 

That why I don't use them. I personally prefer to let my past clients share their experiences of what I offer.

My Facebook page is full of great reviews. All by real people who have trusted me for their event. 

I think it's because I'm passionate about what I do. 

It's why I use some of the latest, and most adaptable equipment available.

A solid sound system, that still sounds great in venues with up to a 1000 guests.

 A modern light show, that adds vibrant wash colors. Plus effect lighting to add movement to the whole experience. 

I think a disco should look like a Disco, and give a wow factor.

Lets Not Forget Reliability

In all the years I've been a DJ, never once have I had to cancel or failed to arrive at a booking.

It's something I'm extremely proud of to be able to say.

Even if I have a minor technical issue. I actually carry spare equipment with me. 


Finally, a Great Price

I always ensure my price remains very competitive, while still reflecting a high level of service. 

Just ask me for a quote, as prices do vary slightly from venue to venue.

As every venue has different caricaturists in traveling time, and access arrangements to get set-up, etc. 

DJ Andy Richardson

The Perfect Party DJ For Any Event

Being a professional DJ isn’t just about playing music. It's about playing the right music at the right time.

Varying styles so everybody gets some of what they like. Adapting and moving with the times.

Adding the latest chart hits, but still embracing the classics. Interacting and involving everyone.

Operating in a safe manor, whilst still maintaining all the fun of the party.

I achieve this by being your DJ from the initial enquiry, through the party planing, to the actual performing.

As I say,

"Great Parties Don't Just Happen"

Awards 2024.jpg

DJ Andy Richardson

Wedding Host and DJ

So many DJ’s say they are a specialist in weddings. however, can they answer "Yes" to all the following?

Do they work with you from the initial planning, to the final performance?

Offer 1-2-1 meeting, and listen to how you’d like the day to unfold?

Offer advice from many years of expertise, yet ensure you wedding disco remains unique to you both.?

Make you feel at ease in the key moments, like the cake cutting and 1st dance?

Ensure that the music is matched to your guests tastes?

Bring all the fun to the party, and be interactive with you and your guests?

Offer a modern and stylish look, and give total peace of mind that everything is in hand?

I do all this. I actually a whole lot more.

That is why I'm recommended by so many leading wedding venues.

Check out my dedicated wedding page

AR Events Black.png

Event Management

From large corporate events to small functions.

I utilize all my experience in the world of hospitality.

Bringing together some of the best in their field to ensure your event runs seamlessly from start to finish.

Keeping you fully in control right from the initial planning stages.

Working within budgets and time scales.

Of course it’s sometimes just finding a great venue for your wedding, or sourcing a band.

To a full AV Production.

Simply get in touch for more information of what I offer.

Want to make your Celebration
One To Really Remember

Just Get In Touch Now

All Rights
A small selection of fantastic venues I've performed at
Ideal for your next event
The Midland Hotel Morcambe.png
English Lakes.png
Singleton Lodge Hotel.jpg
The Mill at Condor Green.png
Lancaster House.jpg
Barton Grange Hotel.jpg
Blackpool Tower Ballroom.jpg
Imperial Hotel Blackpool.jpg
The Wild Boar.jpg
Samlesbury Hall.jpg
Bartle Hall.jpg
Shaw Hill.jpg
Merewood Hotel Cumbria.png
Stirk House.jpg
The Storey Lancaster.jpg
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