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Lighting Up-Grade

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The Party Box Of Fun


Lighting Up-Grade

Whilst I always bring a great light-show to any Disco.

Sometimes It’s nice to have that extra.

That's why I have the BIG LIGHT SHOW.

Especially if your having a band.

This includes a pair of 1.5 meter illuminated aluminium truss towers, both topped with a moving head light. A pair of the Starbursts mirror ball effects, great for 1st dances.

And some extra wash lighting.

Topped of with some *HAZE 

(*venue permission to use haze is required)

 Price is



(when booked With Disco)

The Party Box Of Fun.

This is my most requested party add-on. The box contains a mixture of 15 inflatable items. Guitars, Saxophones, & Microphones. Also a giant confetti canon. Great to make your 1st dance, cutting the cake, or the end of the party go with a real bang.


 Price is



(when booked With Disco)


The Ultimate Tomfoolery box

 Price from



(when booked With Disco)

Take the Party Box to another level

At a predetermined time. A mysterious trunk is carried to the very center of the dance-floor.

The box is left for all to marvel, & speculate about what's inside.

The contents, at this stage, are only known to you & me.

The Tomfoolery Box has been pimped to look like it’s been delivered straight out of Jurassic Park!

It sports a dangerous-looking livery with distressed timber effect surfaces,

black and yellow warning tape and messages asking guests to

‘keep out’ & ‘stand clear’.

The word


is of course center-stage on the lid.

From the moment the box arrives on the dance floor.

I start to constantly raise the anticipation.

Soon everyone is speculating on what’s inside the mysterious box.

Finally, I invite everyone to form a circle. The box is opened and


Once lid is opened, instantly the fun floods out.

Inside its rammed with around 60 party props.

All instantly made available to your guests. Right in the middle of the dance floor.  

Some are inflatable’s, already blown up ready to fly out upon opening,

others are ready to be inflated by the guests.

On the inflatable front there is a mixture from the Guitars, Saxes, Microphones, 

Bananas, Crutches, Boom-boxes, Barbells, Tommy-guns, even blow-up mobile phones..

There’s more too, add a good mix of crazy headgear. Varying from Elephant, Monkey, Piranha, Traffic Cones, Blues Brother's, 

Where’s Wally bobble hats"!

Rude not to include the full Village People head gear collection of Helmets & Caps. Wigs, oh yes, here in there too.

Plus a great selection of silly glasses, hand-bells, maracas.

There could even be a grass skirt in there.


It really is

"Ultimate Tomfoolery"

Want to know the best bit?

Your guests can keep the lot!

(Except the Box, of Course)


By letting guests keep all the props, this results in a memorable post-party

exodus as they tootle home in full ‘Tomfoolery mode’.

Add my own "Party Paparazzi Photographer" option & WOW,

There’s a spontaneous Photo Booth on the dance-floor,

& it works out a lot cheaper too than a traditional Booth too.

Please Note.. Each box may contain a few more or a few less items overall, however the net value of the

contents will always be the same from box to box.  

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Selfie Magic

Selfie Magic

The modern alternative to having 

"Disposable Cameras on the Tables"

You look around the room & see everyone taking photos on their phones. 

Imagine if everyone could instantly share those photos on a big screen?

With the "Selfie Magic" you actually can. 


And, It's really as easy as 1,2,3

1.. Your guests simply jump on the "Selfie Magic" WiFi

2.. Open up your phone’s web browser and type in selfie/

3.. Share a photo or write a message, as many times as they want.

"Selfie Magic" is a unique and fun way for you to capture & keep photos taken by your guests.

Simply connect any smart phone or tablet to the "Selfie Magic" wi-fi hotspot,

and instantly upload photos to the large screen slideshow for all to see.

Messages can also be written and instantly uploaded too.

All the images are then dropped on to a USB stick, for you to keep at the end of the evening.

Alternatively you can choose a projector instead of the TV Screen 

Why not add it to the Tomfoolery Box, and make the whole room into a massive Photo booth. 

 Price is



(when booked With Disco)


Party Paparazzi

The Party Paparazzi

Ever find it’s after the event, and you forgot to use your camera. Or the disposable cameras you placed on the tables didn’t quite turn out as hoped.

Here Is The Perfect Solution.

I bring along a photographer. They snap away. Catching all what’s going on.

An average of 200 beautiful  “As It Happens” pictures that are then all yours to share with family & friends.

You can even add a Pay-as-you-go "Print & Frame" on the day, or 

“Photo Key Ring” options.

 Price is



(when booked With Disco)



By adding Up-Lighting, or mood lighting as its sometimes called. You can bring colour and vibrancy to your wedding reception or event.

My bright LED Up-Lighters can transform the plainest of rooms into a bright, beautiful setting. Each Up-Lighter can be set to the exact colour you require. I can also incorporate them into my full light-show once the party really starts. They start with 8 units, but I can always more.

I can also add a pair of 1.5 meter tall Silk Flame Lights.

Just like the Up-Lighters. These can be set to any colour. 

 Price is


£45 (8 units)

(when booked With Disco)