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Quality & Reliability You Can Depend On 

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Evening Receptions


When you book me for your evening reception. You get my high level of commitment to your special day.


This starts from your initial enquiry, right through to the very last song I play on your wedding night. That’s why I offer you an “Initial consultation” where I can learn exactly what you require. This can be a 1-2-1 meeting, or as simple as a phone call.

I’ll listen to what you want, also offer some suggestions from my years of experience. All to help making sure your disco is a complete celebration of your wedding.


From the moment, I arrive. I work with the venue staff, ensuring I'm ready to perform once the room has been prepared. Also with your photographer. So, every element, like the cutting of the cake and your 1st Dance is carried out, and captured perfectly. of your wedding.  


I have lots of great music to get everyone dancing. Plus, I always welcome requests from your guest throughout the night.

Why not add my "Ultimate Tomfoolery Box", and add a whole new FUN element to you wedding?

Lighting and Sound

I get asked so often, do I supply Disco Lighting. I certainly do. In fact, it’s one of the most up-to-date systems around. This allows me to offer different Lighting Packages to suite any venue. Even the smallest package gives very colourful show. With moving lighting effects, plus vibrant colour wash. 2017 brought one of the biggest upgrades. My whole lighting system is modular, plus it incorporates wireless control. I can custom the show to suite individual tastes in colours. Some people request no actual flashing lights. So I can program that colours fade into each other. It also allows me to increase the size of the whole show for those who want the bigger lighting experience. Being modular, it can easily adapt to different venue sizes.

Now the sound. I'ts a solid system that gives fantastic audio quality. Just like the lighting. I can use more, or less to suite venues. It will easily cope with rooms catering for a 1000+ guests. There are additional microphones for speeches, also inputs so I can accommodate a singer, or small band.

Finally, I always carry a spare system too, for 100% reliability.

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